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Emma Kathleen

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Emma started dancing at the age 3, studying Classical Ballet, Tap, Modern Theatre, Jazz and Disco Freestyle. At 6 years of age, she began studying Ballroom and Latin American, working her way through the examination system. Emma had a successful career in competing, after which she decided to gain her qualification and began teaching. 

In 2010 Emma was invited to Mauritius for the ‘Dance Extravaganza” not only as the headline act but also to judge the competition and assist the students with their lessons. 2011 saw her on tour as a backing dancer for “The Heat Is On The Musical’.


Currently Emma has combined her love of dance and fashion working for DSI London as a Costume Co-Ordinator. She has worked with many professional dancers styling their shows, as well as working on Lets Dance and Dancing with the Stars in Ireland, Costa Rica, Norway, Sweden and France to name but a few.


Along with her work at DSI, Emma is also a resident teacher at Dance Crazy in Bournemouth.  

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